suri cruise burn book Did Suri Cruise get a Burn Book deal? No, but this is so much better than thatEarlier this year, we sang the praises of the most excellent Tumblr on the internet, Suri’s Burn Book, a parody account run by a delightfully snotty fake Suri Cruise, who spends her days jet-setting, judging her celeb-baby peers, and pretending not to be related to Tom and Katie.

Finally, her genius is being recognized. “While the Afflecks
have been doting over Baby Samuel (and surely showering even less
frequently than usual) and the Smiths have been spending loads of money
attempting to bribe Lady Gaga into mentoring Willow, I’ve been doing
something much more productive in my free time,” she writes. “
Mostly on planes between Los Angeles, New York, and Paris, I’ve been writing a book.”

Allie Hagan, the hilarious writer behind the blog, has landed a book deal, and will be releasing her book “Suri’s Burn Book: Well-dressed Commentary From Hollywood’s Little Sweetheart” this fall.

We’re not entirely sure how the real Cruise family let this happen, but we’re really glad that they did. Consider our copy pre-ordered. We’re also buying one for that annoying Facebook friend who posts 47 photos of her poorly-dressed toddler every day. Apparently, “Suri” has rubbed off on us.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie