jessica simpson star Report: Did Tiger Woods try to get his paws on Jessica Simpson?

Did Jessica Simpson narrowly escape becoming another notch onTiger Wood’s hotel bed post?

]]>Ironically, at the same time as reports surface that Tiger hit on Jessica Simpson TMZ  posts a photo of Tiger and an unidentified blond at the U2 concert with Simpsons ex-BF Tony Romo

It certainly doesn’t look like Jessica. At least we don’t think so.
But there are  unconfirmed reports that Tiger Woods allegedly tried to pick up the buxom blond singer/actress up at the AT&T Pro-am golf tourney in Bethesda, Md., back in July.
Woods was Tony’s golf partner at that tournament. And Tony ditched Simpson shortly afterwards. Did Woods know the split was a-coming and took first shot? 
But Jessica is horrified at this untrue report. Simply horrified. She tweeted “Can’t believe that I’m on the cover of star magazine with Tiger Woods, what a JOKE! ‘The Shocking Inside Story’ is  A LIE!” 
And her rep tells E!  “Literally the only thing that’s true in the story is the fact that they met. It was a quick meeting, and they posed for a photo together – that was it. Jessica’s lawyer is sending them (Star magazine) a letter this afternoon.”
We feel certain that this will NOT turn out to be one of those Celebrity Trumors,  rumors that turn out to have some truth to them. 
Next thing you know, any woman who ever posed with Tiger in a photo will be slapped on his Mistress List. 
In case you’re keeping track, here’s the real (alleged) list of Tiger’s Tail so far.

1.  Rachel Uchitel

2.  Jaimee Grubbs

3.  Kalika Moquin

4.  Cori Rist

5.  Jamie Jungers

6.  Mindy Lawton

7.  Holly Sampson

8.  Joslyn James

9.  Loredena Jolie

10. Julie Postle

11. Theresa Rogers

12. Three other unidentified women

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Photo: Star magazine