willow smith tongue pierced 2 Did Willow Smith get her tongue pierced?She whipped her hair back and forth and on Monday (June 25), it looked as if pre-teen Willow Smith made a bold fashion statement by showing off what appears to be a pierced tongue in a photo posted to Twitter.

In the picture, 11-year-old Willow poses with a friend. Both are sporting what look like piercings. Willow shows off a tongue stud while her friend appears to have gotten the area beneath her lower lip pierced.

The photo is causing an uproar on Twitter where scads of people took to their keyboards to scold Willow’s parents — Will and Jada Pinkett Smith — for allowing a child to get an exotic piercing.

But all that angst may be for nothing. A source tells Gossip Cop that the jewelry isn’t the real thing.

“It isn’t a piercing, it’s a magnet,” a source tells the website. “Just a young girl having fun with accessories.” 

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson