cole hauser getty 'Die Hard 5': Cole Hauser cast to play key villainThe upcoming “Die Hard” movie has just cast a key bad guy, and it’s going to be a familiar face to the film’s star Bruce Willis.

Deadline is reporting that Cole Hauser, who recently starred in the TV series “Chase,” will play a villain named Collins in the action flick. Hauser and Willis have previously worked together on “Tears of the Sun” as well as “Hart’s War.”

Hauser just the latest to join the film. Jai Courtney of “Spartacus” fame is cast to play the character of John McClane Jr.

In an Oct. 2011 interview, Fox film CEO Tom Rothman explains the movie involves John McClane Sr. (Willis) “having to go to Russia to bail what he thinks is his miscreant son (Courtney) out of trouble over there. But it turns out that things are not what they appear.”

“A Good Day to Die Hard” is slated for a Feb. 2013 release.

Posted by:David Eckstein