diem brown mtv gi Diem Brown to blog about ovarian cancer: MTV 'Challenge' star talks fertility proceduresDiem Brown, star of MTV’s Real World/Road Rules “Challenge” series, announced on June 6 that after years in remission, she is once again suffering from ovarian cancer. At age 23, Brown — who is now 30 — had one ovary, several lymph nodes and part of her fallopian tube removed to eradicate her cancer.

Now that she’s ill again, she needs to have her last remaining ovary removed — but before she does, she’ll undergo controversial fertility procedures. “On a race mission 2try&find ANY
fertility doctor that will allow me2 freeze ovarian tissue even
w/ovarian cancer,” she tweeted after the diagnosis. “Want the baby hope.”

She has the hope now, working with NYU doctor Jamie Grifo to harvest eggs. She’ll blog about her journey for People. “I know the risks I might be taking with hormone shots as a current ovarian cancer patient,” Diem tells the site. “But for my own sanity I just want to have something ‘normal’ before going through this cancer journey once again. For me something ‘normal’ is having my eggs in a freezer somewhere or knowing in my heart I have exhausted every fertility preservation option possible.”

For her first blog, Diem writes, “One reason I want to share my ovarian cancer journey with you is because I’ve had a really hard time finding information about egg freezing, early menopause and chemotherapy. By sharing my story, I hope others going through similar paths can see that they too are “normal” and that help is out there!” Read the rest of her entry here.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie