tvpartywo25.jpgLife is too short to let those doughnuts you had for breakfast control your life. And if you watch DietTribe Fridays on Lifetime, you’ll realize that if you let doughnuts control you, your life might be shorter than you hoped. Luckily, DietTribe
is a wonderfully supportive environment of compassion, tough love and
encouragement that makes all of us believe we can take back our lives
from the mindless, nonstop eating that has become so commonplace in
modern-day America. And even if we think we can’t, super hunk and
trainer Jessie Pavelka will flex his sculpted biceps, casting a spell
that is strangely satisfying even to the heterosexuals among us. So
call your friends and neighbors; we’re throwing a DietTribe party!

Setting the scene:
once said, “It takes a village” – and while they may have been rambling
on about raising kids, it also takes a village to guilt you into
putting down the bag of Oreos
and getting on the treadmill. So for this party, let’s focus on healthy
group activities that will not only bond guests in a spirit of
camaraderie but also teach them healthy life lessons – healthy cooking
classes. If possible, split into groups of five and hire a chef or two
to instruct everyone on how to prepare one or two healthy menu items
from the DietTribe Web site’s meal plan. On the walls, hang blowups of the show’s “Healthy Plate Model” of eating proportions, the “Food Exchange List,” which shows you a variety of options in each food group, and its “Shopping List Must-Haves.”
Be sure to print out copies of each to be put in everyone’s goody bags.
Put up some before-and-after photos from season one as encouragement.
Have a few yoga balls and resistance bands for guests to try during commercial breaks. Give those items away during breaks to winners of DietTribe quizzes from the Web site.

Though DietTribe doesn’t seem to have its own store (yet), buy colored T-shirts in groups of five to differentiate your teams and build team spirit.

On the menu:
Choose menu items from the DietTribe Meal Plan, and have portions of them made by your guests and chefs at prepping stations you’ve set up in the living room.

On the hi-fi:
Music can inspire us to shake our butts, so why not take full advantage and play tracks from the SkinnySongs CD, which includes titles such as I’m a Hottie Now, Incredible Shrinking Woman, Skinny Jeans and Objects in the Mirror?

The showstopper:
As Jessie would tell us, eating healthy is only one part of the equation; you also need to get active. Why not hire a personal trainer for the party to give everyone a one-on-one evaluation and workout list?

Posted by:Michael Korb