Though the pilot for USA’s upcoming ecological thriller “Dig” was shot on-location in Jerusalem, the series has moved its production out of Israel due to the ongoing conflict with Gaza. That decision took center stage at “Dig’s” San Diego Comic-Con panel, featuring creators Gideon Raff and Tim Kring, among others.

“We absolutely shot everything we need [in Israel] for the pilot,” Kring says. Raff adds, “Right now we are relocating to Albuquerque but we are scouting places internationally to replace Jerusalem.”

It’s a tall task ahead of them, as the clips shown in the panel show how truly visually striking the pilot looks. After all, Raff explains, “Jerusalem itself is a character in the show.” The buildings they use for exteriors are legitimately thousands of years old, something they point out that you just can’t fake. Still, they are confident they will be able to find locations that will pass for the region. If they can’t perfectly replicate it, all hope still isn’t lost “It is amazing now what you can do with set extensions and CG,” Kring says.
A trailer was also shown, which captured the visual tone while also giving a better idea of the plot of the first season. You can watch that above. As a special bonus, star Jason Isaacs appeared on Skype to the delight of the audience. He endlessly complimented the Comic-Con crowd before explaining why he thought “Dig” was such a special idea.
“Tim and Gideon always had an ending in mind,” he says. “They’re not going to be, in three years’ time, locked in a room trying to write something to keep their Maseratis.” Indeed, the six-episode first season of “Dig” is one completely self-contained story, with a beginning, middle and end. “Gideon and I talked a lot about the kind of story we want to tell,” Kring adds.

It was also revealed during the panel that a 12-part official prequel series will be available on the Wattpad app.

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