dina-lohan-reality-show-lindsay-lohan-getty.jpgLooks like we’ll all start seeing the world through orange-colored glasses soon, as it seems that Lindsay Lohan’s mom, Dina Lohan, has not one but two reality shows in the works. She’s been tapped to appear in VH-1’s “Hollywood Exes” and “DramaMamas,” which is currently being shopped.

TMZ reports
that Dina is shooting several episodes of “Hollywood Exes” — alongside the ex-wives of Prince, Will Smith, R. Kelly and Eddie Murphy — though she’s not a regular cast member. Producers reportedly brought Dina on because she’s friends with other members of the cast and can “spice things up.”

As for “DramaMamas,” Dina is set to star in the reality show, which will follow Dina as she launches her first Broadway-bound musical (?????????????) and will showcase “the incredible talents of young performers and their DramaMamas, hovering not far behind.”

Can the world possibly get any weirder?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper