dinesh dsouza affair anti obama Dinesh D'Souza, director of '2016: Obama's America,' resigns amid affair allegationsDinesh D’Souza, an evangelical scholar who directed the anti-President Obama movie “2016: Obama’s America,” has resigned as president of King’s College, a Manhattan-based Christian college, following affair allegations, reports ABC News.

It started when the Christian magazine “World” reported that the married scholar was seen sharing a hotel room with and introducing a woman (not his wife) as his fiancee at a recent conference in South Carolina.

College board chairman Andy Mills says in a statement, “After careful consultation with the Board and with Dinesh, we have
accepted his resignation to allow him to attend to his personal and
family needs. We thank him for his service and significant contribution
to the College over the last two years.”

“World” also reports that D’Souza filed for divorce from his wife on Oct. 4, the day a reporter called to confront him about the other woman, confirmed by D’Souza to be Denise Odie Joseph.

D’Souza says in a statement, “I met Denise three months ago. We are not and have not been having an
affair. Nor did we share a hotel room in Charlotte. I sought out advice about whether it is legal to be engaged prior to
being divorced and I was informed that it is. Denise and I were trying
to do the right thing.”

“I had no idea that it is considered wrong in
Christian circles to be engaged prior to being divorced, even though in a
state of separation and in divorce proceedings,” he finishes.

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