Today’s Dirty Laundry … We scour the Web for all the dirt so you don’t have to.

Apologies to all die-hard Michael Jackson junkies, but according to TMZ, Neverland Ranch is off the market!

Click here for the details on Jamie Lynn Spears’ lush, Louisiana nursery.  Rumor has it that sister Brit has already dropped $30,000 on her nephew-to-be’s ocean-themed digs.

Clarissa –- er –- Melissa Joan Hart gave birth to a baby boy Wednesday!  Melissa married Mark Wilkerson in 2003, and the couple now have two sons together.  Congrats, Melissa and Mark! Click here to read more about new baby Braydon‘s vital stats.

I can already hear the theme song in my head! "90210" is back! Well, maybe. A modern spin-off of the 1990s hit soap is in development at the CW. But here’s my one question: Aren’t all of the people who cared about "90210" past the age of watching a show about high school kids by now?

They may be top models, but that doesn’t mean they’re model tenants.  According to TMZ, the landlord of the building used in last season’s “America’s Next Top Model” is threatening to sue the show’s production company for unpaid damages. 

(Photo Jamie Lynn Spears courtesy WireImage)

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