Nataliezea_dirtysexymoney_240 OK, show of hands: Who didn’t see the big developments coming in tonight’s Dirty Sexy Money? Now, show of hands: Who didn’t find them entertaining?

Because I sure did.

I got yer spoilers right here. Let’s take it from the top.

Brian Jr.: Andrea gets full custody of the adorable not-Gustav, and Brian ends up under arrest for attempting to bribe the arbitrator. He’s committed a Class-C felony, and Letitia wants to exploit any available connections to get the charges dropped. When Tripp indignantly refuses, asserting that Brian has made his bed, Letitia picks a fight and notes that Tripp would help Patrick, even though he’s denounced his father, and would go out of his way for Karen. There it is, looming large…

Jeremy and Sofia: Sofia won’t give Jeremy any more, uhm, sugar until she sees his apartment. Jeremy, trying to keep her from knowing he’s a Darling, enlists Nick’s wife, Lisa, in a cuckoo scheme to trick her into thinking he’s a poor painter. Hilarious hijinks ensue. Actually, it’s kind of sweet in a twisted way, but God bless Sofia, it turns out she’s not into aimless dudes with no ambition. It’s not a problem that he’s "poor"; it’s a problem that he seems blasé about his financial status. See, Jeremy? Sometimes people surprise you. It’s not always about the money. Just because he’s rich doesn’t mean we poor chicks would go near Brandon Davis, even armed with a 10-foot pole — and a fumigator.

The interaction between Lisa and Jeremy, though, is charming. It’s funny that she keeps scolding him to tell the truth, and yet totally unable to resist the charming rogue routine. It makes Jeremy more human and Lisa more likable — and the exchange in front of Nick is particularly great — she’s getting a little of her own back; the Darlings are harder to resist than she thought, as it turns out. Maybe now she’ll be able to, you know, dislodge the stick.

Patrick, Ellen, and Carmelita: Ellen decides she can’t share Patrick and demands he give up Carmelita — as he’s in the hospital recovering from the Ellen-inflicted gunshot wound, and high on morphine. Of course he can’t give her up, and Carmelita — who may have more integrity in her own way than anyone else in the place — offers to let him go. Another reason to love Carmelita — on Ellen: "She must really love you — you know, to shoot you like that."

Paternity mystery solved: Of course Brian is Dutch’s son and Nick’s brother. Nothing about this build-up was subtle. But the flashback to Dutch’s birthday six months before, when Tish told him the truth, was poignant, well-played and tough to watch. Even tougher to watch was Nick’s flashback to the last time he saw his father, when Dutch was anguished and regretful, and reaching out. Nick’s rejection of his father, and Brian’s vitriol toward his mother, were two beautiful pieces of acting by Peter Krause and Glenn Fitzgerald, who I could watch all day long.

Brian’s farewell to his son was also touching and well-acted, with Brian giving Brian Jr. the watch passed down from Dutch — the one artifact he possessed that he could pass on.

Karen and Simon the Delicious: Karen was sweetly unsure of herself — or at least a lot less cool and collected — around Simon Elder, even The Morning After. The fact that she was so protective of her father, asking Elder not to do to her dad what he did to Darling Plaza, was a nice touch. Theirs is an extremely interesting dynamic — he clearly finds her both a kook and another Darling conquest, and he brings out both her savvy and a girlishness that’s a nice change from her seen-it-all, been-married-to-’em-all manner. Even if she does sometimes look at him like he’s a steak and she’s starved.

Some other thoughts:

1. We continue on the horrendous Tripp dialogue train. Some samples:

  • "He is fueled by contempt. Contempt permeates every cell of his being."
  • "How can you blame Nick for your systemic malfeasance?"
  • "You want to be angry? Be angry at Letitia and Dutch — they’re the ones who spawned this disaster."

Oh dear.

2. More Patrick on morphine! His asides during Karen and Elder’s conversation were hilarious.

3. I actually bought Nick’s argument that he’s stuck working for the Darlings because of the money — and what he’s able to do with it. For someone interested in doing good works, a $400 million pediatric cancer research center is mighty compelling. And I totally cheered when Nick stood up to Tripp and told Tripp that he owes him the truth. Now let’s see if he can stick to his guns.

4. What was up with Andrea’s outfit? I realize she’s supposed to be all free-spirit-hippie-girl, but does that make her color-blind too?

What did you think? Are you glad the "great secret" has been revealed, and were you surprised? What do you make of Karen and Simon Elder?

Posted by:Lisa Todorovich