ricky-martin-comes-out.jpgOn the Spanish morning TV show, “Despierta America” on Univision, a Boston deejay who called into  the show said he won’t be playing Ricky Martin songs after the Latin-American pop singer admitted his homosexuality yesterday (Monday, March 29).

That troubles us deeply. Why? It’s clear that America, even with an African-American president, is years away from really celebrating the differences within its citizens: Cultures, skin colors, the economically disadvantaged and, yes, sexuality.

This cliché that we’re the melting pot of the world just doesn’t hold true if you look at the reality of how we treat those who are different.

And, let’s face it: If you’re not a rich, straight, Caucasian man, then you will feel your difference at some point in your life – even in the country that was founded by people who came to this land after being persecuted themselves.

It’s in this harsh reality of America that coming out is a brave act for anyone, celebrity or not.

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