disneyland price hike disney tickets gi Disneyland price hike: Prepare to pay more for the 'Happiest Place on Earth'

Disneyland may be the “Happiest Place on Earth,” but after the most recent price hike, the Disney theme parks may be among the priciest places as well. The company raised rates, effective Sunday (June 2), for all single-day, multi-day and annual passes.

The basic one-day rate for anyone age 10 and older now costs $92, a 6-percent increase from the former price of $87. For children between the ages of 3 and 9, the price also increased, from $81 to $86. Visitors will now have to pay more for parking as well, which went up by $1 to $16.

If you want to save a bit on a multi-day pass, that option was hit as well. Although the multiple-day tickets still save visitors on a daily basis, the price has increased. You now have to book a 4-day pass ($279 per person) to get a rate lower than the old, one-day cost of $87.

Along with everything else, annual passes have increased. The Deluxe Annual Passport rose by $30 to $499, while the Disney Premiere Passport — offering unlimited attraction entrance in both California and Florida — rose from $849 to $979.

Why has Disney raised its prices? The official reasoning, according to a statement in the Los Angeles Times, is “Like any business, we evaluate and adjust our pricing based on a variety of factors.” Disney stock is up about 27 percent in 2013, with the theme parks posting an income of $383 million in its second quarter (up 73 percent from the previous year). This seems to indicate that the price increase is to continue these trends.

You won’t save any money by heading to Florida either. Those tickets have gone up by $6 to $95 for adults and $89 for kids under 10.

Posted by:Laurel Brown