“Divergent” wrapped production just in time to make its big debut at San Diego Comic-Con. That meant that Theo James got to make his first appearance as the book adaptation’s heartthrob, Four.

When it was brought up by Zap2it that James is officially the dream boat of the movie, he jokes, “I am the dream boat. I’m a boat, and it’s made of dreams.” But in all serious, he notes that the romance in “Divergent” is a significant and important part of the movie’s plot.

“I think really the romance is integral to it, obviously, but their relationship blossoms very slowly over a period of time, so it’s quite unlike a lot of other romances and some other YA franchises in the sense — or love stories in the sense — that their relationship is mainly fractious really for most of the beginning of the movie,” he explains. “They have chemistry of course, but she’s not really sure where he stands. She kind of irritates him in a way that he wants the best for her but he can see her self-destructive side, so it kind of builds in an organic way which I think is quite unique.”

One of the big scenes in the movie is known as the knife scene, which was teased back in April and shown during “Divergent’s” Hall H panel. James promises that the scene in the movie will live up to the one in the book.

“It was cool. It was a good scene,” he says. “What [director] Neil [Burger] has done is he’s come up with this very specific visual look and a very rich complex visuality to the world, basically. With the knife scene it’s very tense but there’s also this great connection between my character and Shae’s character at the same time. ”

“Divergent” is due in theaters on March 21, 2014.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz