lynn toler divorce court 320 'Divorce Court': Judge Lynn Toler tells couples like it is

There are several courtroom shows on the air right now, no doubt. But in our humble opinion, none are as entertaining as “Divorce Court” with Judge Lynn Toler

Hats off to the casting directors of this series. It’s a straight-up comedy as far as we’re concerned.
After watching a few of the clips below, we think you’ll agree.

Zap2it recently spoke with The Honorable Judge Toler — a graduate of Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania Law School — who says the show looks for people who aren’t fragile, people who are willing to own up to who they are and what they’ve done. 

Toler tells us she hears about 160 divorce court cases per year, but still, there are certain couples that stand out. At the top of that list? The wife who slept with her groom’s best man on the wedding night. 
“She was mad at him,” Toler says. “And I understand why. He was drunk and playing cards on their wedding night. You know, I’m sure there was a fair amount of alcohol involved — on both parts — but she was like, well, I’ll show him. And, in fact, did. Their marriage lasted 90 days, which I think was a feat in and of itself.”
A few other standouts?
See for yourself… 
Toler, who has been married 21 years as of this month, says people are always asking her for  marriage advice.
Is there a secret? 
“One, you’ve got to be committed,” Toler says. “You cannot expect to be happy all the time. When you argue, you must stay on topic. You have to remember that men and women are different. You have to satisfy needs that you, yourself, don’t have. And once you get behind that, you got a shot at it.”
“Divorce Court” is syndicated nationally. For local tune-in information, click here
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