DJAMsbo_James_58194472_600 DJ AM met with his recovery sponsor the day before his death and admitted that that had relapsed. 

Arial”>He also agreed to go to back to rehab.

none;text-autospace:none”>Sadly, he never made it.

Insiders told investigators that his West Coast manager and recovery

sponsor flew to NYC to see DJ AM to find out what was causing his erratic


 When they got to his apartment, DJ AM would only  let his sponsor inside.

According to Perez Hilton,  DJ AM "lit up a crack

pipe and popped pills" right in front of him.

Adam Goldstein (his real name) promised his manager and sponsor that after his gig in Las Vegas last

Friday, he would check himself into a rehab in California.

 But he missed that performance and was found dead in his NY apartment the next day.

The cause of death won't be determined for several weeks when toxicology

reports come back.

All we can hope is that his shocking death will remind other recovering addicts that relapsing is the highway to the morgue.

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Photo: DJ AM's body is recovered from  his New York apartment. Credit WireImage