Djam In an incredibly bizarre coincidence, DJ AM, who survived (with third degree burns) the private plane crash that killed four people in South Carolina last September, may have narrowly escaped another plane crash.

TMZ reports that he had been planning to take the Continental flight that recently crashed in Buffalo, N.Y., and killed 49 people.

If he had taken the doomed flight, it would have been his second plane crash in six months. What are the odds?

But TMZ says he "had a bad feeling about it and canceled and drove instead."

DJ AM now says his flying days are over. He will only book gigs if he can drive to them.

This is just too creepy. Like something out of that movie "Final Destination," where people who didn’t take a plane that crashed all end up dying anyway.

Or like the "Lost" folks returning to the island on a plane that crashes again.

If this report is true, we can’t blame him for being totally freaked out. Can you?

Way way too "Twilight Zone."

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Photo: DJ AM still recovering from burns at Hollywood Palladium opening in October, 2008. Credit: FilmMagic

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead