DjamtravisbarkerMembers of DJ AM’s and Travis Barker‘s family are heading to Georgia to be with the injured young men, according to MTV. They are being treated in a burn unit in Augusta, Ga.

According to TMZ, Barker sustained severe burns from the waist down. DJ AM suffered facial burns.

An eyewitness told NBC affiliate WIS that he saw a fireball, realized it was a plane, saw jet fuel shoot out across the road and then saw two men, who were both on fire, patting each other down to extinguish the flames.

These men were later confirmed to be DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) and Barker.

The crash happened before midnight on Friday.  A twin-engine private Learjet with six passengers onboard never left the ground, overran the runway, struck an antenna array and several lights, and began sending up sparks. To see a video of the crash site, click here.

After skidding off the end of the runway, through a perimeter fence between the airfield and a roadway, the plane  crossed the roadway, stopping on an embankment.

It caught fire on impact. Two passengers – later confirmed to be AM and Barker –  escaped the plane but the other two passengers and crew members died in the crash.

Us Magazine reports that AM was put in a doctor-induced coma and will undergo skin grafts. 

He was conscious long enough to call his mother from the ambulance to tell her about the accident.

Photo: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead