do no harm nbc 'Do No Harm' creator: 'Don't tax yourselves too much   have fun'NBC’s new drama “Do No Harm” focuses on a neurosurgeon (Steven Pasquale) who has a Jeykll-and-Hyde personality brought on by a (fictitious) condition similar to dissociative identity disorder.

But the show’s creator, David Schulner, would prefer you focus more on the Jekyll-and-Hyde part and less on the medical condition.

“I think you go along for the ride,” Schulner (“The Event,” “Kings”) said Sunday (Jan. 6) at the TCA winter press tour. “Don’t tax yourselves too much — tune in, have fun. It’s a high-concept premise, but it’s a very grounded world. That’s what we’re going for.”

Pasquale’s good-guy character, Dr. Jason Cole, is an excellent surgeon who has controlled his alter ego with drugs in the past. The drugs have stopped working, however, and the dark side, who goes by the name Ian Price, shows up every night at 8:25.

When Ian does take over, though, you won’t see much physical change. Pasquale says he wanted to make the change not very noticeable, at least to the other characters.

“David and I talked a lot about this in the beginning … and ultimately what we decided was we didn’t want to do the classic thing where one guy’s like a monster and really violently different from the other guy,” Pasquale says. “We wanted them to have a gray area behaviorally so all the other characters when they intersect, it’s really interesting for the audience. The audience knows it’s Jason or Ian, but the other people don’t. …  It’s not like we showed up and I said, ‘So I’m thinking about doing Ian with a humpback and a giant unibrow.'”

“Do No Harm” premieres Thursday, Jan. 31 on NBC. Here’s the latest teaser for the series:

Posted by:Rick Porter