The Harlem Shake. It’s everywhere these days. Apparently, the strange dance-video phenomenon is so popular that it has crossed over to the animated world. Thus we now have the characters of “The Simpsons” doing the Harlem Shake.

Or, to be more specific, they’re doing the “Homer Shake.”

Unlike most videos of this particular meme, “The Simpsons” actually provided a new soundtrack for its version. The voice of Homer Simpson (presumably from Dan Castellaneta) supplies the vocals, which have a distinct “Doh!” tone to them.

The Homer Shake begins, as most Harlem Shake videos do, with a single dancing character in a mask — in this case it’s Maggie Simpson (pacifier and all). She is soon joined by her family in various stages of dancing dress and undress (naked Homer anyone?).

And then we get a whole bunch of dancing “Simpsons” characters. We’re talking about a couple dozen of the most popular characters out there. What’s even more impressive is the speed at which the animators must have gotten this up — “Simpsons” animation can take months to complete. This video has to have been made in only a couple of weeks at most!

If the “Simpsons” version does not entirely whet your appetite for TV-related Harlem Shake videos, then you might want to check out the version from the cast of “Happy Endings.”

Entertaining people are better than the rest of us at this, aren’t they?

Posted by:Laurel Brown