doctor who hungry earth 'Doctor Who': A Wales of a timeThe Doctor, Rory and Amy find themselves in 2010 Wales, where apparently Future Rory & Amy will be vacationing in ten years, not that we get to say hi quite yet. Also, and more pressingly, an experiment concerned with drilling super-far into the earth has woken up the dirt. Holes are appearing everywhere, and an annoying man has already been taken.

The creatures wall off the drilling site, which contains a church and graveyard, and the rest of the mining team: This awesome lady named Nasreen, her secret crush Tony, and Tony’s daughter and her family. The daughter, Ambrose, is sullen and Welsh and ginger. Her husband is the annoying man who has disappeared. Their child is sort of creepy, sort of obnoxious, and sort of awesome.

While Rory is off acquainting himself with Ambrose and her son under the guise of being a policeman or dirt-investigator or something, Amy and the Doctor meet up with Nasreen and Tony, and Amy gets sucked into the earth with a quickness. The Doctor freaks out for a little while, and then realizes that the dirt has been bio-programmed to snatch people, as well as the fact that there are a few monsters headed up from the bottom of the earth. Everybody rushes around a whole lot but there’s not really a cohesive plan. The little boy disappears, causing Ambrose to act up and get weird.

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