Matt-Smith-as-Doctor-Who-001.jpgIt’s almost time, Whovians! The “Doctor Who” Christmas special is on the way. We’ve got the trailer for you right here. It’s going to be the “best Christmas ever!” (No, really, that’s a line from the trailer.)

We’re so excited for this show! No sign of the companions or River Song (Alex Kingston), but you know the special always packs a punch. The Doctor (Matt Smith) ends up with some kids “In a forest, in a box, in a sitting room.” Where else are you going to hear a line like that? We can’t wait to see who the baddies are this time.

“The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrode” airs this Christmas Day on BBC One, BBC America and Space. Let us know which villain you want to see. We’re hoping for Weeping Angels. Don’t blink.

Posted by:jbusch