doctor who warning dakeks ahead sign 'Doctor Who' fans hijack Boulder road sign    'Warning Daleks Ahead'“Doctor Who” is coming back to the airwaves this fall, but some fans of the show couldn’t wait that long to get their fix. Some of them hijacked a road sign in Boulder, Colorado and changed it to read something that Whovians fear (and love). It says “Warning Daleks Ahead.”

According to Daily Camera, who’s photographer Matt Sebastian snapped the shot, the sign warned of the space baddies since Tuesday night, May 22. As of 9:30 a.m. the sign was still active.

Last spring, pranksters did the same thing to another sign in Boulder. That one read “Warning Zombies Ahead.” That time, the sign box was unlocked. The Colorado Department of Transportation’s spokesperson Ashley Mohr says that workers were reprogramming the sign late Wednesday.

City of Boulder officials said Wednesday that the sign is maintained by the Colorado Department of Transportation. “It was locked, so we’re not quite sure how folks were able to break into it,” she said. “But we’re looking into it.”

Sci-fi fans, are you now officially afraid of Boulder? Or is it the best place ever?

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