doctor who planet gallifrey 'Doctor Who' fans petition to name a planet Gallifrey, after the Doctor's home world

Say what you will about “Doctor Who,” but fans of the show are intensely dedicated. What other fan base would dare to petition to have an entire planet named in honor of their favorite TV show?
A Whovian in Australia launched a petition to name a planet found earlier in the year Gallifrey, otherwise known as the Doctor’s home world. The planet, originally named HD 106906, is something of an anomaly to the astronomers studying it, the Daily Mirror reports.
The planet is about 11 times the size of Jupiter and relatively young, 13 million years compared to Earth’s 4.5 billion. It also emits most of its energy by infrared, rather than visible light and is remarkably cooler than the host star it orbits around.
The petition set a goal of obtaining 150,000 signatures to submit to the International Astronomical Union. Already the number of people who have signed is climbing to nearly 120,000, so it seems like an attainable goal. What better way to end what is likely the biggest year in “Doctor Who” history than by getting it a planet as a gift? You can view and sign the petition at
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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