Ben-Browder-Stargate.jpgSci-fi fans, prepare to begin freaking out. “Farscape” and “Stargate SG-1” star Ben Browder is set to guest star on “Doctor Who.” Yes, that crash you heard was the sound of sci-fi universes colliding. Or maybe it was your sonic screwdriver falling off your lap when you jumped with excitement. (That’s what it was over here, by the way.)

According to the show’s official magazine, Browder will appear in the third episode of the next season. The story, written by the BBC version of “Being Human” scribe Toby Whithouse, will be set in the Wild West, though it’s filming in Spain. If you recall, last season’s Western adventure was shot in Utah.

“Doctor Who” will premiere its seventh season in the fall of 2012, unlike earlier seasons, which premiered in the spring.

We are absolutely over the moon about this news! We’ve missed Browder terribly. Now, we just need to get Browder’s “Farscape” and “Stargate” co-star Claudia Black on the show. Now that would blow our minds!

Posted by:jbusch