doctor who matt smith halloween 'Doctor Who' Halloween costume guide: Dress like the Doctor, Daleks and the TARDIS

It’s nearly Halloween and that means it’s time to figure out a costume. If you’re a Whovian, you might be looking to express your “Doctor Who” love. Just for you, Zap2it is here to guide you on that path.
Of the characters on the show you could be, the Doctor automatically comes to mind. There have been 11 different versions of your favorite Time Lord and each of them has their own unique look. Of course, there’s also some of the Doctor’s foes, like Daleks and Weeping Angels. Finally, what’s “Doctor Who” without a TARDIS?
The Doctor: First you have to decide which Doctor you want to be. For simplicity’s sake, this guide is going to focus on Nine (Christopher Eccleston), Ten (David Tennant) and Eleven (Matt Smith). Nine’s costume is easiest. You just need a leather jacket and a black shirt, really. If you’re getting technical, Nine wore a black U-boat jacket. You’ll also need a pretty short haircut.

doctor who david tennant halloween 'Doctor Who' Halloween costume guide: Dress like the Doctor, Daleks and the TARDIS

The tenth Doctor will take a bit more work. You’re going to need a suit. Tennant wore two different ones on the show, brown or blue pinstriped. With it, wear a white dress shirt and tie. Match that up with a pair of tan or red converse and a tan overcoat and you’re the tenth Doctor. If you really want to go the extra mile, add a pair of red and blue 3D glasses to the ensemble and don’t forget to put a bit of product in your hair. Of course, if you want to take the easy way out, just get the tenth Doctor costume T-shirt. It will definitely save a lot of trouble.
Eleven has a costume T-shirt option as well, but if you feel like going all the way, you’ll need a another suit, this time in tweed. Add a light-colored dress shirt underneath and don’t forget the bow tie, because bow ties are cool. Throw in a pair of tan loafers for shoes and you’re set. If you can’t mimic Smith’s hair, just wear a red fez, instead.
Make sure you don’t forget any Doctor’s most important accessory, the sonic screwdriver. Without it, you’re going to have quite a bit of trouble saving the universe.

doctor who dalek halloween 'Doctor Who' Halloween costume guide: Dress like the Doctor, Daleks and the TARDIS

Daleks: They are the most recognizable of the “Doctor Who” villains, and probably the deadliest. If you want to be a Dalek, there’s a couple solid options. An official Dalek costume actually exists to help transform you into the mechanical menace. However, female Whovians might be interested in a Dalek dress to get the job done. To complete the look, get a small black toilet plunger and egg beater to carry around, as that’s how the Daleks do their damage.
Weeping Angels: If you want people afraid to blink around you,
the Weeping Angel is be the way to go. The easiest way to achieve this costume is a Weeping Angel mask, some creative sheet draping and a giant pair of wings. If you consider yourself to be crafty though, there are some very impressive examples online, using clay and paint.
TARDIS: Who doesn’t want to dress up as a bright blue police box? There are many possibilities for  TARDIS costume. From dresses to bathrobes, there’s a way for just about anyone to dress as one with minimal work. There’s even a onesie you can get. Just make sure you have your TARDIS sound effects ready to go.
If none of these costumes interest you and you want to go a bit more old school instead, the fourth Doctor is calling on you. One of the Doctor’s most iconic looks, worn by Tom Baker, is easy to achieve. All you need is a worn brown fedora and that very colorful scarf he wore. Very simple, and useful if it’s cold outside on Halloween.
With so many easy Halloween options, why not pay tribute to your favorite Doctor? What are you going to dress up as?
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