doctor who gift guide 1 'Doctor Who' holiday gift guide: TARDIS toys, sonic screwdrivers and more

The holidays are coming and it’s time to start thinking about what gifts you’re going to buy for the ones you love this year. Should you be at a loss for what to get that special “Doctor Who” fan in your life, you are in luck.
Follow along with Zap2it’s gift guide to find that perfect treat for your favorite Whovian. While you’re here you might as well do a little bit of shopping for yourself too.
Gifts under $50:
TARDIS Soap Dispenser ($7.99) – Starting simple, a TARDIS soap dispenser is just the right little touch to bring a little “Doctor Who” into someone’s life. Every time they go to wash their hands, they can think about wherever in space they’d rather be.

doctor who gift guide cyberman bust 'Doctor Who' holiday gift guide: TARDIS toys, sonic screwdrivers and more

Cyberman Bust and Illustrated Book ($9.95) – The illustrated book is a great addition, but the real winner here is getting a little Cyberman bust to show off on a desk or shelf.
Handmade Timelord Seal Pendant ($14.20) – Take a bit of the Timelords with you wherever you go with a pendant inspired by their seal.
Sonic Screwdriver Toothbrush ($14.99) – This goes hand-in-hand with the soap dispenser. Give someone you love a “Doctor Who” bathroom makeover. It’ll make the person who receives it feel like the Doctor and keep their teeth nice and clean.
Exploding TARDIS Leggings ($18.55) – What’s the only way to make Van Gogh even better? Throw in an exploding TARDIS, for good measure. For the female “Who” fan in your life, these leggings are an artsy way to show her support.
50th Anniversary T-Shirt ($24.98) – The 50th anniversary of “Doctor Who” is a big deal, so commemorating it with a special T-shirt featuring all eleven Doctors isn’t a bad idea.
Dalek Mr. Potato Head ($24.99) – Who doesn’t love a Mr. Potato Head? It gets even better when you add in a bunch of specialty Dalek pieces to give the toy a Whovian spin. (Also available is the 11th Doctor version.)

TARDIS Onesie ($37.98) – This is way better than those onesies Miley Cyrus wears, this one can take you anywhere in time and space. During those cold winter nights, let the TARDIS onesie keep your favorite Whovian warm.

Gifts under $100:
TARDIS Hoodie ($52.00) – Everyone needs a nice hoodie when the temperature drops. Why not a TARDIS? Whoever wears it will stand proud with their love of “Doctor Who.”
TARDIS Mini Fridge ($69.00) – If the “Who” fan in your life needs a place to keep drinks and snacks cool on their desk, or really just about anywhere, the TARDIS mini-fridge is definitely the way to go.
Eleven Doctors Micro-figure Set ($59.98) – The power to create your own “Doctor Who” crossover event is easy, with a set of micro-figures of all eleven Doctors. Surely they won’t all get along, but this is the perfect gift to teach your little Whovian a little bit of Doctor history.

doctor who gift guide mega blocks 'Doctor Who' holiday gift guide: TARDIS toys, sonic screwdrivers and more

TARDIS Console Mega Bloks Set ($79.99) – Legos are a toy that never get old, regardless of age. Sadly, there are no “Doctor Who” Lego sets, but there are some very detailed Mega Bloks collections, which are almost the same thing.
11th Doctor Universal Remote Sonic Screwdriver ($99.98) – There is no better way to control your TV than with a sonic screwdriver. After all, it does everything.
Gifts $100 and up:
TARDIS Play Tent ($104.00) – Turn your kid’s room into a tripe through space and time with a TARDIS play tent. Sometimes it’s a bit too cold to play outside in the winter. With this thing and an imagination, the adventures will never end.
50th Anniversary Sterling Silver Dog Tags ($249.98) – If something a little closer to jewelry is what you’re looking for, these dog tags might fit the bill. They look great and commemorate the 50th anniversary of the show.

doctor who gift guide blu ray 'Doctor Who' holiday gift guide: TARDIS toys, sonic screwdrivers and more

“Doctor Who”: The Complete Series 1-7 Blu-ray Set (349.98) – If you want to go big, why not give the gift of seven series of “Doctor Who”? This complete set, encompassing everything from Series 1-7 of the relaunch has 29 discs, a comic book, art cards, and a sonic screwdriver universal remote. Talk about covering all bases.
Captain Jack Replica Sonic Blaster ($577.14) – For the collector, it doesn’t really get much cooler than this licensed replica of the sonic blaster used by Captain Jack Harkness. Captain Jack was one of the Doctor’s most memorable companions, going on to star in the “Torchwood” spinoff, and he always had his trusty blaster for when things got tough. Don’t try to use it as a banana, though.
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