karen-gillan-matt-smith-doctor-who-s7-premiere.jpgThe new season of “Doctor Who” and the first full day of college football both happened Saturday (Sept. 1), and at first that seems like a coincidence.

After all, what could the Doctor (Matt Smith), who spent Saturday’s premiere eluding and exterminating a clutch of crazier-than-usual Daleks, and the likes of Alabama, USC and Boise State have in common? Not much — unless you look rather closely at Boise State’s uniforms.

The Broncos, who opened their season Friday with a loss to Michigan State, play in the Mountain West conference. The league unveiled a new logo in 2011, replacing the old one with the words “Mountain West” set in front of an image of — you guessed it — mountains with a stylized “MW” rendered in purple and gray.

Watching a bunch of games and then “Doctor Who” over the weekend, it struck us that the Mountain West logo looks an awful lot like the DW/TARDIS logo the series has been using for the past couple of seasons. Here’s a comparison:

doctor who vs mountain west logos 'Doctor Who': Is the Mountain West conference a fan of the Time Lord?What’s it mean? Nothing really, aside from the fact that maybe someone on the MWC’s graphic design team is a sci-fi fan. But when you watch TV for a living, these are the kinds of things you tend to notice.

So what do you think — did the Mountain West bite “Doctor Who’s” logo? And what did you think of Saturday’s season premiere?

Posted by:Rick Porter