jenna coleman doctor who season 8 exit bbc 'Doctor Who': Jenna Coleman leaving after Season 8 makes sense

A rumor swept across the internet over the weekend, claiming Jenna Coleman would be departing “Doctor Who” at the end of Season 8, sometime around the annual Christmas special. Of course, there’s no confirmation on such a thing, but it’s possible.
Currently, Coleman has starred as Clara Oswald in 12 episodes of “Doctor Who,” 11 of them as a companion. After Season 8, she’ll be up to 23 episodes as a companion, 24 if she appears in the Christmas special, ranking her stay the fourth-longest since the show was relaunched in 2005. 
Only Rose Tyler, (34 episodes), Amy Pond (33 episodes) and Rory Williams (27 episodes) have stuck around longer. Tyler and Pond also both reappeared in episodes after their time as companions had come to a close.
So while the BBC won’t comment on the reports, telling the Radio Times that they are nothing more than “speculation at this time,” it seems not only possible but likely that Whovians will be saying goodbye to Clara before the year ends. So enjoy what time she has left, starting with the Season 8 premiere on Saturday, Aug. 23, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on BBC America.
Note: The previous episode count for Rose Tyler was incorrect.
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