karen gillan steven moffat doctor who sexism gi 'Doctor Who': Karen Gillan doesn't understand Steven Moffat sexism claims

While the “Doctor Who” fan community is deeply divided on the subject of showrunner Steven Moffat, one former companion is very clear with how she feels. 
Moffat is often the target of criticism that his writing and some of his comments about the show are sexistKaren Gillan, who played Amy Pond on the series alongside Matt Smith’s Doctor, doesn’t see that as the case.
Gillan was asked about the accusations by fans. “I just don’t understand that,” she responds, according to Doctor Who TV. “I feel like with [Amy Pond] I had a very rounded, interesting, flawed and layered character to play. 
As for Amy’s attire, Gillan says that’s not the fault of Moffat. “I wore skirts but Steven Moffat had nothing to do with that,” she continues. “He doesn’t care about costumes. So I don’t really understand [the criticism] if I’ve got to be honest.”
There are two sides to every story and, while some fans definitely have their mind made up about Moffat, Gillan seems to have treasured her time working on the show. Beyond that, it’s hard to disagree with how much love was shown to both Amy and her husband Rory (Arthur Darvill) throughout their run, right until they said goodbye in one of the most emotional moments of the series.
Where do you stand on the criticism? Sound off below.
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