nick frost peter capaldi bbc 'Doctor Who' special title 'Last Christmas' spells trouble for Clara

With a month to go before it premieres, the title of “Doctor Who’s” 2014 Christmas special has been revealed and it’s a bit ominous. “Last Christmas” will air Dec. 25 on BBC America, but what does the title mean?
The easiest assumption is that this will be the Doctor and Clara’s last Christmas together. Her departure has been rumored since the beginning of Season 8 when speculation hit that Jenna Coleman would exit the series at the end of 2014. The Season 8 finale — which saw the death of Danny Pink — supported that idea, as the Time Lord and his companion went their separate ways.
If “Last Christmas” is Clara’s actual sendoff, hopefully it’s happier than the Season 8 finale. When last fans left Clara, she and the Doctor lied to each other during an emotional goodbye: He thinks she’s going to live happily ever after with Danny, while she believes the Doctor is going home to Gallifrey.
Without Danny or the Doctor in her life, Clara is left alone with the grief of losing the two people she’s closest two in the universe. Her story ending like that is just too tragic. The companion that ushered in a new Doctor has earned a more positive exit.
Clara deserves one last exciting adventure with the Doctor and “Last Christmas” is the right place to do it. Additionally, if this is her final episode, that means a new companion will be introduced in the Season 9 premiere and speculation can officially begin on who will fill that role.
jenna coleman nick frost peter capaldi bbc 'Doctor Who' special title 'Last Christmas' spells trouble for Clara
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