It’s so close, but it’s also so far away. The 50th anniversary “Doctor Who” special, “The Day of the Doctor,” is coming up Saturday (November 23) and Matt Smith and David Tennant are all over the place, before setting foot back inside the TARDIS.
In a new interview from Digital Spy, the two Doctors are very happy to be given the chance to work together. For Tennant, the whole experience has been familiar but odd, however there’s been no rivalry between the two Doctors. “I’ve loved acting with David,” Smith says.
For the two, the best moments of the special episode were when they are able to be on screen being “Doctory” together. “When you know a character very well, when you’ve played him a lot, the best thing to happen is for him to experience something new … There can be nothing more unique than meeting yourself,” Tennant adds.
It’s not all going to be Doctor silliness though, as Smith says the new episode is the most epic of the series, and the most action-packed. “We hope it’s going to be the biggest and best we’ve done,” Smith says.

If you’re not ready for the most epic installment of “Doctor Who” in 50 years, you only have a couple days. “The Day of the Doctor” airs November 23 on BBC America.
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