matt smith 2013 'Doctor Who': Matt Smith talks the Doctor's hair and courting new fansFollowing up on a raucous Comic-Con panel, “Doctor Who” landed at TCA’s summer press tour for a far more subdued session with journalists to promote the show’s upcoming 50th Anniversary special.

Instead of catering to fans who already love the show, stars Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman and producer Marcus Wilson made a pitch to welcome newcomers. “The great thing about ‘Doctor Who’ is you can sort of jump in at any episode at any time,” Smith says. “I think probably [the anniversary special] will make a bit more noise because it’s the 50th. It’s a small audience [in the U.S.], but worldwide it’s like 77 million. It has a footprint and I think it will get bigger, definitely.”

“When we were conceiving the 50th we wanted to make it a jumping on point for new fans,” Wilson adds. “It’s a show about hope, about adventure, about excitement. It’s very accessible, it’s very heroic, you’ll have a great time watching it.”

Just as “Doctor Who” is celebrating its 50th Anniversary, Smith is preparing to depart the show — he begins shooting his final episode, the show’s annual Christmas Special, next month. Smith observes that series of events means the next few installments will keep raising the stakes. “Every episode tends to escalate somehow,” he says. “If it’s not the 50th Anniversary you’re going into the regeneration then it’s the new Doctor episode. It keeps going up.”

But of course it wouldn’t be a TCA session without a couple of unconventional questions. Smith currently sports a shaved head for his starring role in Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut “How to Catch a Monster” and that caused one journalist to wonder what will happen to the Doctor’s hair in the Christmas Special.

“The quiff will be there,” Smith reassures. “I think it would be quite funny to have the bald [head]. You know Macaulay Culkin in ‘Home Alone’ with the aftershave? I think the Doctor could wake up and go ‘Ahhh!'”

And another questioner wondered if Smith has any plans to share his “Doctor Who” episodes with his children at some point down the line. “I need to find a woman first before I have any kids,” Smith jokes. “If and when I have kids I will be far too lame not to show them, I’m sure. And it’s a cool kids show, so I would. I’m sure. That’s the most bizarre question I’ve been asked in a few days — which is good, I like it.”

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