doctor who adventure in space and time david bradley jessica raine brian cox bbc america 'Doctor Who' movie 'An Adventure in Space and Time' casts David Bradley, Jessica Raine and Brian CoxBBC America is set to co-produce a “Doctor Who” movie, but there’s a twist: the behind-the-scenes story, dubbed “An Adventure in Space and Time,” will explore the colorful characters involved in the 1963 creation of the long-running sci-fi sensation.

Current “Who” powers that be Steven Moffat and Caroline Skinner will executive produce with Mark Gatiss, who is also tasked with writing the script. David Bradley (Filch in the “Harry Potter” series and Solomon on the recent “Who” episode “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship”) will take the role of William Hartnell, the man who played the first Doctor. Brian Cox, who voiced an “Elder Ood” in the David Tennant farewell special “The End of Time,” will play BBC head of drama Sydney Newman and “Call the Midwife” star Jessica Raine will play legendary producer Verity Lambert.

In a statement announcing the cast and start of production, Bradley said: “Mark has written such a wonderful script not only about the birth of a cultural phenomenon, but a moment in television’s history. William Hartnell was one of the finest character actors of our time and as a fan I want to make sure that I do him justice.”

Filming on “Space and Time” will begin in February for a premiere later this year, which not coincidentally marks the 50th anniversary of “Who.” Terry McDonough (“Breaking Bad”) will direct.

New episodes of “Doctor Who” return to BBC America on March 30.

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