trick or treat halloween pumpkin television costumes 'Doctor Who,' 'Orange is The New Black,' 'Supernatural': Last minute Halloween costume ideas for TV fans

While Halloween may be just one day away, don’t fret if you haven’t put together the perfect fandom costume yet. Our list of last-minute, fandom-themed, cheap Halloween costume ideas have got you covered! 
Whether you’re throwing a fandom-themed Halloween party or just looking to come up with the best costume possible, we’ve got some great, cheap Halloween costume ideas for you. The best part about these costumes is not only that they’re homemade, but also that they won’t cost you an arm and a leg to put together. 
Yes, movie and TV character costumes from large sellers like Party City and Spirit Halloween look pretty awesome. But who has $50-$60 to spend on an outfit that they will wear only a few times and that may not even fit correctly? Plus, looks aren’t everything. The best costumes are always the most creative. You can’t be creative with a costume if you pull the whole thing out of a bag. So, if you’re low on time or on cash, check out these thrifty last-minute, fandom-themed Halloween costume ideas.
“The Hunger Games”


Throwing together a last-minute Katniss Everdeen costume is actually pretty simple. All you need are a few essentials, including a pair of plain green pants and a plain black shirt. A dark khaki or brown pair of pants will also do. Then, add a pair of brown or black boots (combat or mid-calf boots look the best) and either a brown leather jacket or a black windbreaker, depending on if you want to be pre- or post-reaping Katniss. Finish your costume off with a mockingjay pin. If you happen to have a bow and a quiver, great! Otherwise, just wearing the mockingjay pin will be enough to show people who you’re dressed as.
Not to scare away any of the guys here, but dressing as Peeta is actually pretty similar to dressing as Katniss. Pair a plain black t-shirt with some forest green or khaki pants. Add a pair of brown boots and a black windbreaker and you’re good to go. Or, if you want to portray a pre-Hunger Games Peeta, swap a white shirt for your black shirt and a white apron for your windbreaker, and then just walk around with a loaf of bread all night. Easy. Going out for Halloween with someone? Katniss/Peeta is a great couples costume!

divergent tris and four 'Doctor Who,' 'Orange is The New Black,' 'Supernatural': Last minute Halloween costume ideas for TV fans

Dressing as Tris is one of the easiest and most cheap Halloween costume ideas ever. All you need is a pair of black pants and a plain black t-shirt; the more form-fitting your clothes are, the better. Oh, and don’t forget your “tattoos.” There may not be temporary tattoos for the designs Tris has, so you may have to draw them on yourself with Halloween makeup. Apply three ravens to your collar bone, the Dauntless seal to your right shoulder, and the Abnegation seal to your left shoulder. Complete your costume by lining your eyes with black pencil.
Like Katniss and Peeta costumes, Tris and Four costumes are also very similar. To dress as Four, don all black clothing (preferably of the tighter design to show of your muscles) and apply a few “tattoos.” You can apply as many of his tattoos as you’d like, considering the majority of them will be hidden by your shirt. If you would prefer to apply all of Four’s tattoos and walk around shirtless on Halloween, we definitely support you. After all, his tattoos are pretty badass. Make sure to look at the Divergent movie poster with Four for proper tattoo placement and order before you go drawing all over yourself, though. These two lead characters would also make a great couples costume!
Dressing like faction initiates is a breeze. For Amity, pair red pants with a yellow top (or vice versa) and giggle uncontrollably all night. If you want to look like a Candor, wear all black and white, talk loudly the entire time you’re dressed, and try to tell the truth all night long. Dress as an Abnegation by donning all grey and styling your hair in a neat manner. For Erudite, wear different shades of blue and a pair of hipster glasses, and then shove a book or something in your back pocket. Finally, to dress like a Dauntless, wear tight black clothing that shows off your muscles and any temporary (or real) tattoos you may be hiding. If you’re a female, put on some dramatic makeup to complete your ensemble.
supernatural sam dean castiel 'Doctor Who,' 'Orange is The New Black,' 'Supernatural': Last minute Halloween costume ideas for TV fans
Let’s start with the basics. You can never go wrong with jean pants and/or a jean jacket. If you don’t want to wear a jean jacket, go with a leather or green military-style jacket instead. Try to wear a dark shirt under your jacket and, if your jacket isn’t too tight, you can also wear either a plaid or solid color collared shirt. Also, don’t forget to wear a pair of boots. Winchesters wouldn’t be caught dead in gym shoes or Converse. Finally, finish your ensemble with an anti-possession “tattoo,” a smirk, and, if you’re going as Dean, an amulet. Voila. Instant Winchester.
When you think about it, Castiel is dressed a bit too swanky for his lifestyle (not that we’re complaining). So, do with what you have or what you can afford for his costume. The costume itself isn’t overly complicated. First, put on a white collared shirt, bright blue tie, black business pants and a black business jacket. Make sure you have a pair of business-like black shoes to match. Then, once you’ve put on all of that, hide it all (except for the bright blue tie) under a large khaki trench coat.
“Orange Is the New Black”
orange is the new black 'Doctor Who,' 'Orange is The New Black,' 'Supernatural': Last minute Halloween costume ideas for TV fans
Dressing as an inmate from “Orange Is the New Black” is a great Halloween costume idea for this year because it’s so popular right now. You don’t even need any sort of special “tell” (like a mockingjay pin, for example) for people to know what you’re dressing as. For your costume, all you really need is a pair of orange or khaki scrubs (which you can easily find at a second hand store) and a white shirt to go underneath (short or long sleeve; it’s up to you). If you have the chance, attach an inmate name tag to the pocket of your scrubs so that there is zero chance of you being mistaken for a nurse. Finish it off with a pair of black boots or blue canvas shoes and, if you want to be Laura Prepon’s character, a pair of hipster glasses and you’re all set! Couple costume edition: You and your friend can go as Laura and Piper!
“Doctor Who”
doctor who the doctors 'Doctor Who,' 'Orange is The New Black,' 'Supernatural': Last minute Halloween costume ideas for TV fans
Now, because there are quite a few incarnations of the Doctor and they all have their own sense of style, there is no right or wrong way when it comes to dressing as the Doctor. If you want to dress as Matt Smith’s Doctor, outfit yourself with a brown tweed jacket, a reddish-burgundy striped collared shirt, and a burgundy (or other color) bow tie. The red fez is optional but encouraged. To dress as David Tennant’s doctor, pair a blue suit (or blue vest and blue jeans) with a white shirt, red tie, and Converse. Complete the look with a long brown trench coat and some spiked hair. If you’re feeling more like Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor, simply put a dark V-neck shirt under a black leather jacket. Done. Oh, and for all of these costumes, don’t forget your Sonic Screwdriver!
Sorry guys, a Dalek costume works best for the ladies. Dalek costumes have become increasingly popular lately, so make your own at home using whatever you have available to you. You may prefer to keep it pretty simple considering that box-shaped costumes are hard to maneuver in, and aren’t that great for parties. Simply attach spherical shapes (or just plain cut out circles) in rows and columns onto the skirt of a dress. Then, add a few stripes to the top part of the dress and fashion yourself a headband that looks like the top of a Dalek. Complete your ensemble by walking around with a plunger.
Percy Jackson
percy jackson costume rick riordan 'Doctor Who,' 'Orange is The New Black,' 'Supernatural': Last minute Halloween costume ideas for TV fans
It’s really easy to put together a last-minute Percy Jackson costume (as you can see from the photo of Rick Riordan above). All that you need is a pair of blue jeans and an orange t-shirt. If you can somehow get an iron-on Camp Half-Blood symbol for your shirt, that would be even better. Then, finish off your Percy Jackson costume with a ball point pen poking out of your pocket & ta da! Instant demi-god.
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