doctor who 'Doctor Who' recap: Can't Sleep. Cupboard Will Eat Me.Eight-year-old George is afraid of, well, pretty much everything. He’s so frightened that his pleas reach the Doctor across the vast reaches of time and space. So the Doctor decides to make a house call to the boy’s apartment, where his parents are at their wits’ end trying to figure out why everything scares him. He’s terrified of the elevator noise, of the landlord, of the old lady who lives next door and of most of his own toys. His parents, trying to be helpful, tell him to put all his fears into his bedroom cupboard. Except now, for some reason, all the monsters he’s stashed away are becoming real.

Meanwhile, Rory and Amy are investigating around the rest of the apartment building when they suddenly find themselves transported from the elevator to a mysterious house that makes no sense. Little clues give reveal they’ve been shrunk down into a dollhouse. Like the fact that there are creepy, rotting, giggling dolls everywhere. George has been inadvertently transporting people into the dollhouse in his cupboard. In a fit of terror, he accidentally sends his father and the Doctor there, too.

Eventually, the Doctor figures out that the boy is actually an alien child who tried to fulfill his future parents’ fervent wish for a baby. The boy doesn’t even seem to know this, but he’s had a lifelong fear that his parents will send him away. Once his father assures him that he loves him, George is able to overcome his fears and restore everything back to normal. There are some creepier elements that the episode just skips right over, but I’ll get to those in the full weecap.

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