doctor who 'Doctor Who' recap: Motel 666It’s Saturday night, so once again the TARDIS is veering off course. This time, the Doctor, Rory and Amy wind up in a labyrinthine hotel and immediately notice things are all kinds of wrong. The other “guests” in the hotel include a young Muslim woman, a geeky blogger and a fellow from the most-conquered planet in the universe. Not one of them knows how they got there, but they quickly figure out that the rooms in the hotel are tailored to their fears. Once they meet their fears, they naturally start freaking out. But then they also start experiencing a religious rapture and spouting off devotional praise like they’re channeling John Donne. Once they’re “ripe,” as one beatific victim puts it, they’re devoured by some mysterious monster.

At first the Doctor thinks that the monster is feeding on fear, so he keeps telling everyone to have faith in his ability to save them. Then it turns out that the monster is actually feeding on faith, so doom ensues. (You know the young Muslim woman is marked for death as soon as the Doctor sees her as Companion material.) Amy is left vulnerable to the monster because of her faith in the Doctor, so he sits her down and points out how dangerous and crazy he really is. Somehow, this wakes her up better than the two years she’s spent being nearly killed every week. The monster is some kind of minotaur-like creature who’s been feeding against his will. He wants it to end. So when the Doctor breaks Amy’s unwavering faith, it starves the minotaur and sets him free. The hotel dissolves around them, revealing its true identity as a sort of spaceship prison/holodeck.

The Doctor takes Amy and Rory back home to Earth. Better to part ways now than at their funerals. It’s all on pretty good terms, though, and no one hates anyone or is mentally devastated for life. Plus, the Doctor gives Rory a pretty new car! That’s almost as good as a TARDIS, right? Stay tuned for the weecap!

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