doctor who 'Doctor Who' recap: Two Doctors are Better Than OneUpon first watching, this episode was a big ball of confusing. I’d be more likely to make a duplicate recapper out of Yoplait than to make sense of it all in the space of a recaplet.

Here we go: After the original Doctor helps his ganger work out a few kinks, they couldn’t be happier to be in each other’s company. It’s like a Christmas of adorable goofiness wrapped in two bow ties. The only way in which they differ are their shoes: The original has the brown shoes he borrowed and the duplicate has black shoes. Amy is firmly anti-duplicate, even when he goes off to rescue Always With The Rory. Rory has found what he thinks is the original Jennifer, but actually turns out to be a ganger who’s growing more maniacal by the minute. She gains his sympathy by showing him a pile of discarded, melting, still-conscious gangers and then tricks him into helping her release the acid. Eventually, her murderous quest for freedom/power proves too much for even her own kind, who end up working with the originals to get rescued off the island.

They hit a few roadblocks on the way. Most of the originals get killed off in gruesome ways, like Jimmy who gets blasted with acid. As he croaks, he gives his ganger his blessing to take his place at home. Everyone seems kind of weirdly happy about this. Meanwhile, Jennifer’s gone totally off the rails and has morphed into a Jennifer-headed monster. The Doctor and the Cleaves ganger volunteer to hold off the monster, but Amy protests. It’s only then that the Doctors reveal that they switched shoes early on and the duplicate Amy had been so distrustful of was actually the original. They did it as some kind of… test… for Amy… or something. The Doctor and Cleaves gangers use the sonic screwdriver to melt Jennifer, even though it melts them, too.

At the end, they manage to get to the TARDIS where the Doctor stabilizes the gangers for good. Cleaves and Dicken go off to reveal the truth about the flesh and the Doctor finally reveals the truth about Amy’s weird pregnancy. It turns out that the Amy we’ve been seeing for some time is actually a ganger. The Doctor brought them to the island so he could understand how the flesh worked. As he dissolves this copy of Amy, the original Amy’s consciousness switches on somewhere in a horrific white tube, about to give birth as she’s tended to by the eye-patch lady.

Stay tuned for the (hopefully more sensible) recap!

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