doctor who kill the moon recap bbc 'Doctor Who' Season 8: Did the Doctor go too far in 'Kill the Moon'?

“Doctor Who” made some pretty big predictions about the future of the planet Earth in the latest episode, “Kill the Moon.” For one, the moon is an egg housing a unique alien species and as it hatches it’ll screws up Earth’s gravitational pull and ends up killing many. Don’t worry, that’s not until the year 2049 and once the hatching is complete, all will be fine. Additionally, humans will be headed to the ends of the galaxy soon enough, so all of those space movies you’ve seen will become a reality.
The real center of the episode was the further erosion of Clara’s relationship with the Doctor, though. When it came time to decide whether to blow up the moon, killing the living thing inside of it, the Doctor left it all up to Clara. That’s not something she was prepared for, nor did she have the knowledge of the universe like he does to make a responsible choice.
In the end, at literally the last second, Clara stopped nuclear bombs from going off and the moon was saved. Clara’s feelings for the Doctor were not, though. She can’t believe he would refuse to take part in the decision because it’s not his planet.
Considering how much time the Doctor spends on Earth, it’s a pretty weak argument. At this point he’s bound to have citizenship in the UK. Hanging out around a place for 50 years has to come with a perk or two, right?
For Clara, it was the last straw, though. She doesn’t like the Doctor playing fast and loose with the rules when it comes to her life. It’s something that’s happening quite often with the new Doctor. He doesn’t know how to act around humans and comes across as uncaring most of the time.
The Doctor is Clara’s best friend and since the regeneration everything about him has changed. It’s not just that he’s an old man, it’s that he’s a mean old man. Funny, but definitely mean. It’s more than Clara can handle as the episode closes with her telling him to go away forever.
When she sees Danny after, he knows better than to think she’ll never die in the TARDIS again. However, this definitely comes across as the nest step in Clara’s leaving the Doctor once and for all. After realizing last week that her two lives clash far more than she expected, it’s almost as if she’s starting to choose a side. Unfortunately for the Doctor, his side is never going to win.
There’s also the question of boundaries. The Doctor did one of the most irresponsible things he possibly could this week, taking one of Clara’s students to the moon with him. Guess what, Doctor? That’s called kidnapping and child endangerment. Get your head on straight.
What did you think of “Kill the Moon”?
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