doctor who 802 recap bbc 'Doctor Who' Season 8, episode 2 recap: 'Into the Dalek'

When the BBC calls a “Doctor Who” episode “Into the Dalek,” they aren’t kidding. The latest episode of the series found the Doctor and Clara being shrunk down to minuscule size and venturing inside of an ailing Dalek.
It’s a lot like the Martin Short movie “Innerspace,” but with the Doctor and Daleks. That makes it better. You see, the sick Dalek has somehow gained a bit of a soul and wants to stop others of his race from exterminating everything in their way. After seeing the beauty of a star being born, the Dalek has realized how pointless all of the death is.
So the Doctor and Clara, along with a trio of troops from aboard a space ship the TARDIS has landed on, shrink down to go inside and fix it. After all, if there’s a good Dalek in the world you definitely need it to live. It just so happens that the adventure involves running down lots of corridors, something the Doctor does rather well.
Unfortunately, once the Doctor treats the injury, the Dalek returns to full-strength and regains his previous mindset of extermination. With the Doctor, Clara and the troops still inside, the Dalek set out about the ship killing people left and right.
In all the chaos, one of the miniature soldiers dies inside the Dalek, awakening in heaven with Missy. At this rate, it looks like Missy is going to play a major role the season. With the season finale called “A Death in Heaven,” it’s should be something special.
While the Doctor wallows in misery, believing that there is no possibility of a good Dalek, it’s Clara who comes up with the idea to save the day. Perhaps they can be good, they’re just being kept from doing so. Maybe the good memories are being suppressed to further the Dalek mission of extermination. That leaves the Doctor rushing to confront the creature in the robot shell, while Clara and the only remaining troop head to the computer’s brain to free the good memories.
That doesn’t help though, so the Doctor does the only other thing he can think of. He links his mind with the Dalek’s, to show him all of the beauty in the universe. He doesn’t anticipate the Dalek recognizing the hate he holds for that race of aliens, though. After the Time War and all those years of fighting, the Doctor doesn’t hold them in very high regard.
That cause the Dalek to turn on his own, exterminating them all. In the end, that’s what Daleks do; exterminate.  You can’t change their stripes, no matter how much the Doctor wishes it were true. In the end the Dalek leaves to rejoin the fleet, allowing the humans to live thanks to it’s new protocol.
Back on earth, the secondary storyline focused on the introduction of Danny Pink. He’s a former soldier who’s had a traumatic past. Now he’s teaching at Clara’s school and she’s taken a keen interest in him, even though he’s not so good at talking to women.
Still, the episode ends with him taking Clara out for a drink. Now she’s got another man in her life. Don’t get jealous, Doctor.
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