doctor who mummy on the orient express recap bbc 'Doctor Who's' Impossible Girl needs to make an impossible decision

Well, that certainly didn’t take long. After telling the Doctor to take a hike in “Kill the Moon,” “Doctor Who” has returned Clara back to the status quo. How long can it last, though?
The latest episode, “Mummy on the Orient Express,” pretty much tells you exactly what it’s about with the title, other than this particular Orient Express is running through space. The mummy in question was killing off passengers on the train one by one, with the Doctor and the rest of the passengers left to figure out why it was carrying out the acts.
It was supposed to be the farewell voyage for Clara and the Doctor, but only ended up proving that life on the TARDIS is like a drug. Clara referenced it herself, with the Doctor admitting he can only realize he’s addicted if he tried to stop the traveling through time and space. That’s just something he’s never going to do.
So that’s where Clara now finds herself, torn between Danny and the Doctor. She’s not willing to sacrifice one for the other, but at a certain point chances are she won’t have a choice. It was made clear in “The Caretaker” that her two lives don’t really mix, no matter how badly she wants to believe they can. Instead, she believes Danny is fine with her running around the galaxy with her life constantly in danger. That’s not even a little realistic, though reality isn’t something this show really deals with.
At least the Doctor was a bit nicer to humans in this one, saving Maisie before the mummy could kill her. Of course, he then had to erase all of that goodwill by telling Clara he was did it as means to an end, rather than being a good man. That’s the recurring theme throughout the season, the Doctor wondering if he’s a good man, but it’s Clara who must have that rattling around in her head.
What did you think of “Mummy on the Orient Express”?
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