Update: It seems the originally mentioned date on the BBC website, which you can read about below, was nearly correct. The BBC has now officially announced an Aug. 23 Season 8 premiere date and released a teaser with the first new video footage. You can watch that teaser above.
The premiere episode, titled “Deep Breath,” will be feature-length.
Previously: Those tricky folks at the BBC seems to have announced the “Doctor Who” Season 8 premiere date by way of a small mention on their website. The note on the site says Season 8 will debut on Aug. 27, with Peter Capaldi taking over as the new Doctor. Curiously, this is a Wednesday, rather than the traditional Saturday. Either the Doctor is on the move, or they’ve made a mistake.
There hasn’t been any footage released beyond the original teaser that touted an August debut. However, now that the date has been set, it wouldn’t be surprising to see clips start rolling out soon.
Of course, there’s that world tour that will see Capaldi and Jenna-Louise Coleman going out to meet the fans. It’s an exciting summer to be a Whovian and it’s only going to get better moving forward.
Update: The BBC has removed the August 27 date from their website since this story was posted. For reference, below is a screenshot of the date mention.
doctor who season 8 premiere date bbc website 'Doctor Who' Season 8 sets August 23 premiere date with new teaser [UPDATED]
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