This coming season of the re-imagined “Doctor Who” will mark the end of fan favorites Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) as companions to the Doctor (Matt Smith). The man who brought the show back to life, Steven Moffat is “incredibly sad” to see them go.

He tells Digital Spy, “Oh, it’s incredibly sad. The thing you can forget about this is, while the audience are losing people that they see for a few months per year, Karen and Arthur are walking out of something that they’ve been involved with every day for years. It’s not just a professional change, it is a personal upheaval.”

Fans feel the same way and have been talking about the loss and blogging about it for months. Moffat continues, “I’m trying not to say it’s like being dumped, but a huge part of your life changes. I think of Karen and Arthur, and from Matt [Smith]’s point of view – people that you saw every single day and have become absolutely part of your de facto family are now gone, never ever to be in that place in your life again.”

“So it’s a huge upheaval – it’s personal and it’s human,” he says. “People should not underestimate how upsetting it is for everybody involved in it…it’s a huge bloody change – it’s someone moving out of your house, that’s how big it is.” Not to mention that these two constantly win in favorite companion polls.

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