steven moffat doctor who name mildred gi 'Doctor Who': Steven Moffat reveals the Doctor's name and it's a weird one

Finally, the most important question in the history of “Doctor Who” has been answered. What is the Doctor’s name? Well, chances are it’s definitely not something you would have expected.
In an interview with Doctor Who Magazine (via Metro), showrunner Steven Moffat says, “No one can know the Doctor’s name, except each successive showrunner. We’re taken into a special room far beneath the BBC and given the ancient and special runes that spell his true and awful name.”
That’s quite a bit of build up for the big reveal, as Moffat continues, “We’re commanded never to reveal what we have learned, because then the show would have to be renamed ‘Mildred.’ Oh, bugger.”
Well, there you go. The Doctor’s actual name is … Mildred. Of course, Moffat’s only kidding. How strange would it be if Mildred were actually his given name? The true name of the Doctor is something fans will probably never find out. It’s better that way, though. He’s the Doctor, that rises above something like Joe or Nancy.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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