alex kingston john barrowman bbc 'Doctor Who': Steven Moffat hasn't closed the door on River Song or Jack Harkness

If you’re a “Doctor Who” fan, chances are there’s a certain character you’d like to see return to the TARDIS for another adventure at the Doctor’s side. When a fan-favorite character leaves the show, it’s only natural to want more. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s just can’t happen.
However, when it comes to River Song (Alex Kingston) and Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman), it just might be possible. Zap2it spoke with “Doctor Who” showrunner Steven Moffat about a return for either character. While it doesn’t sound like something in the works at the moment, anything really is possible.
“It’s never, ever closed off. It’s all about ‘Do you have a story that’s worth it?'” Moffat says. “Unless you’ve got a story that is absolutely informed and invigorated by their presence, just bringing a character back in an ordinary story won’t do.”
While some fans might be fine with bringing either character back for a random guest appearance, Moffat makes a great point. “Both River Song and Jack Harkness are massive characters in ‘Doctor Who’ mythology,” he notes. “Their returns would have to be seismic, not routine.”
Giving them anything less would be a disservice to the characters and the actors who brought them to life. Besides, it’s better to let them be missed than wear out their welcome, right? “Sometimes you have to know when a story’s over, you do,” Moffat says. “One of the things you always want to say is ‘leave them wanting more.'”
Still, perhaps the stars will align one day in a future season and Whovians around the world will get to see River and Jack one more time. That would be something special. Now if only can Moffat can figure out a way to get them on screen at the same time. The Doctor wouldn’t know what to do with himself.
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