doctor who vampires 'Doctor Who': The vampires of 16th century VeniceAfter Amy’s sudden horny wigout last week, the Doctor realizes that she needs a bit of a refresher course on real life and her husband-to-be, so he pops out of the cake at Rory’s stag party, gets real awkward, and then takes them on a date to 16th-century Venice.

Of course, the most romantic city of all time is hiding a dark secret, as well as around 99 very cool concepts, but the ratio of ideas-to-substance is almost perfect this week. The whole “men are like this, women are like this” thing is pretty egregious, but the technical skill with which last week’s sexual cliffhanger is resolved gets points for authenticity and maturity that seemed possibly lacking before.

There’s this prestigious school for young Veelas where they prance through the city in veils and parasols, which is being run by a mother/son couple of space vampires who are actually giant fish from planet Saturnyne. He’s super-creepy, she’s kind of cool. And what they are dealing with is extinction, due to having escaped the Cracks and lost their planet, as well as any female breeding partners, in the process. So by turning these schoolgirls into vampires, mating them with the boy aliens all through the canals, and doing random things to the weather, they will be able to sink and repopulate Venice.

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