doctor who karen gillan matt smith tardis interior 320 'Doctor Who': This must be the placeVincent paints a painting, in the grips of some kind of oracular crazy people issue, which finds its way to Churchill, who calls the TARDIS, who reroutes the call to River Song — in her Stormcage cell, but before the Byzantium — who escapes for a little bit and vandalizes the first cliff of all time or something, inviting the Doctor and Amy to the Roman invasion of England.

Once there, she pretends to be Cleopatra and gets some soldiers to accompany them to Stonehenge, under which lies the Pandorica: A big glowy puzzle box made to contain the universe’s most dangerous criminal.

Every single bad guy in the entire new series, from the Nestene to the Silurians, masses on Stonehenge, while the Doctor and Amy run around Underhenge getting into fights with Cybusmen and reacquainting themselves with Rory, who somehow survived death to become a Centurion. Amy does the spooky crying thing again and finally remembers Rory, while the TARDIS randomly takes River back to Amelia’s old haunted house in Leadworth.

Among Amelia’s childhood obsessions, River discovers not only a book of Roman history, but also the legend of Pandora, and realizes that the entire scenario — from the soldiers to the Pandorica to Rory himself — is coming out of Amy’s head. Together, she and the Doctor deduce that the whole thing is another bad entity, using Amy’s memories to create a scenario that will lead the Doctor to the spot where all the Doctor’s enemies — including my beloved Judoon and dear Sontarans! — can incarcerate him.

Which is what they do, explaining that he’s the cause of the Cracks in time, via his exploding TARDIS on Amy’s wedding day. Meanwhile, Auton Rory has been activated to his robot self …

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