doctor who trailer season 6 'Doctor Who' trailer: The Doctor comes to America, embraces hipster scruff

The 2010 “Doctor Who” Christmas special marks the unofficial beginning of the series’ sixth season, so it’s only appropriate that the episode offer a decent look at the upcoming 12-episode run.

And the trailer for new “Who” does not disappoint — especially for those curious about the series’ first ever episodes filmed in the United States.

The American arc looks primarily Old West-y, though there is a shot of the oval office. (We don’t think they shot the latter on location.) Matt Smith does his part to complement the scenery by adding a Stetson to his bowtie and suspenders.

As for plot take-away, there’s still not much to go on — other than baby-doll looking aliens, Roman numeral smallpox, a disarming Doctor beard and the return of River Song (Alex Kingston)… naked. If Season 5 teased correctly, this could be the point where they pull a “Time Traveler’s Wife” and finally get romantic.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell