david tennant sherri shepherd comp gi 500 'Doctor Who's' David Tennant, 'The View's' Sherri Shepherd engaged ... but not to each otherNews about the stars that won’t take a light year to read.

It’s a romance only “Doctor Who” could make happen. Former Time Lord David Tennant is engaged to Georgia Moffett, who has two “Doctor Who” connections: 1) She’s the daughter of the fifth incarnation of the Doctor, Peter Davison and 2) She played Tennant’s daughter on an episode of the show. We hope no Daleks crash the wedding. [Daily Mail]

“The View” co-host Sherri Shepherd, who also hosts GSN’s “The Newlywed Game,” could be a contestant on her own show soon. The TV personality is engaged to TV writer Lamar Sally. The proposal included her dog in a Santa costume, M&Ms, “Michael Jackson’s The Experience” Wii game and of course the ring. [People]

Oh, Peter Brady, what did you do? Former “Brady Bunch” star Christopher Knight has been sued by his ex-accountant, Charlie Netel, for assault and battery. Knight supposedly loaned Netel’s company money and became rather aggressive trying to recover the funds. We blame Bobby. [Us Magazine]

The UFC has suspended star Chael Sonnen after he pleaded guilty — striking a plea deal — to a money laundering scandal connected with a mortgage fraud. The UFC is temporarily freezing his contract, but has made it clear that it could be thawed out if he pulls his personal life together. [TMZ]

Meg Ryan could be considered a cougar, but instead she’s going after someone age-appropriate who’s been known as a Cougar himself. Rocker John “Cougar” Mellencamp and the romantic comedy sweetheart are apparently dating, very quietly so. Somehow, we’re still holding out for Tom Hanks to make her an honest woman. [People]

A bizarre baby-snatching case is underway for actress Michelle Marie Gopaul, who used a fake casting call for a Bollywood movie to dupe couples into bringing in babies. As one couple was filling out the paperwork, Gopaul made off with one-month-old baby girl, Roma Patel. Luckily, little Roma was recovered before an Amber Alert was issued. Friends of Gopaul had said she had boasted about being pregnant a few months back. [RadarOnline]

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