samuel anderson danny pink doctor who season 8 bbc 'Doctor Who's' Samuel Anderson: Danny Pink is the 'perfect boyfriend' for Clara

When it was revealed that actor Samuel Anderson would be joining Season 8 of “Doctor Who” as Danny Pink, one of Clara’s fellow teachers, it left many wondering if he’d be stepping into the TARDIS with her.
That won’t be the case for now. Instead, he will be the boyfriend back home who will provide her the stability she must need after all the time and space travel. “He’s a lovable, huggable type of guy,” Anderson tells Zap2it. “I will quote Jenna [Coleman] on this and say he’s the perfect boyfriend.”
That may be exactly what she’s looking for now that a new Doctor is at the helm of the TARDIS, one who wants it made clear that he’s not her boyfriend. “[Danny is] an everyday kind of guy,” Anderson says. “He makes a nice difference to the superhero that the Doctor is.”
It helps that he doesn’t really know what Clara is doing when she’s not around. “As far as he’s concerned, time travel doesn’t exist,” Anderson explains. “He’s looked at the British military. He’s seen technology at the forefront and as far as he’s concerned, when he joins the show, he’s seen all of it.” Little does he know just how big the universe actually is.
However, Anderson definitely knows how big the adventures on “Doctor Who” can get, as he’s been watching since childhood. He credits his father, a science fiction fan, for getting him into the show, along with things like “Star Trek” and “Star Wars.” “I grew up in a period where it was the reruns, so you see a bit of one and a bit of another but it was something I really enjoyed,” he says, “and now that I understand it I’m even more of a fan.”
Like any Whovian who gets to appear on the show, there’s always the hope to get to star alongside some of the Doctor’s more legendary villains and things were no different for Anderson. “I mean, the Daleks are brilliant. Everyone knows that and it sounds corny to say,” he admits. “But the Cybermen and the Daleks, you can’t ask for more.”
Something he might not have been expecting was the work it took to bring those villains to life. “To be honest, just watching the guys while I’ve been doing it. You realize everyone’s part is so huge when it comes to creating these villains,” Anderson says. “There’s so many people involved in creating the part, makeup, directors and special effects, but then you see the actor bring something entirely new to it.”
To be surrounded by those kinds of details is a dream come true, but not something Anderson ever bothered dreaming about. “I’ve dreamed big many times, but this one just didn’t come to me,” he says. “Had I of realized how much of a big deal it is, I probably would have been even further from dreaming about it. It’s been incredible.”
“Doctor Who” airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on BBC America.
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